No more stiff drum beats.

Remember the last time you programmed a drum beat and it sounded like an actual human played it? Neither do we. That's why all of our drum loops are recorded live by a professional drummer. Get grooves now!

Drum Loops With a Human Groove

Ever wished that you didn’t have to rely on stiff MIDI programming for your drum tracks? A straight 4/4 beat might do OK, but what about those a little more complex passages, fills and sections in odd time signatures?

Ever wished you had a great drummer at hand to play the difficult stuff with a groove?

With OddGrooves drum loops, you do!

OddGrooves provides high quality royalty-free MIDI drum loops to composers, musicians and producers from all over the world. We started out producing mostly “hard-to-play” progressive rock grooves in odd time signatures but we also offer straight rock, pop and funk beats. Come to think of it, most of our drum loops are now in “regular” time signatures, mostly in 4/4.

Our extensive drum loop library contains over 8000 different MIDI grooves , all played live by a pro drummer
. You get a total of 16 different time signatures
 with plenty of odd meters
 suitable for styles like rock, pop, funk, progressive rock, fusion and much more

If you are looking for quantized loops, look elsewhere.

Our drum grooves are recorded and played live by Berklee educated polyrhythmic master Magnus Brandell. And in order to preserve the human feel and playing dynamics, our grooves are not quantized. The grooves are in standard MIDI format, arranged for Toontrack EZdrummer/Superior Drummer, Addictive Drums, Steven Slate 3.0, General MIDI and I-MAP. And if you have Toontrack EZplayer pro you can use them with just about any drum sampler on the market. All of our drum loops work like a charm with all major hosts on both PC and Mac.

Whenever you put out something new I buy it because it is like buying a real drummer.

Roger Peitso

What a find your website and grooves are!  I’ve already used some Jazz Swing selections for inspiration in my music for an upcoming project. They are intricate and and have a natural feel, and the price couldn’t be fairer. I look forward to experimenting with more of your offerings.  Keep it up, and keep me posted!

David Remedios

The performances are absolutely amazing, the extended loop lengths (up to 32 bars) are great for arranging tunes and solo sections and the trading fours blew me away, but what stole the show for me, were the snare drum performances — top notch jazz drumming with breathtaking ghosting and tasteful syncopation. This is a collection no owner of EZX Jazz can afford to be without. Thank you again.

Adriaan van Niekerk

I came across your website searching for drum loops in something other than 4/4 time, and was very pleasantly surprised! 
Not only do you live to your name of OddGrooves, you’ve got lots of awesome grooves in 4/4 time as well. Thank you so much for putting these packages together!

Trevis Rothwell

OddGrooves Reggae Drumming

Our most popular pack so far, OddGrooves Reggae Drumming features 247 longer drum grooves in 10 different tempos, all recorded live.

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Metal Drumming

Heavy, progressive grooves suitable for instrumental rock, prog metal or shred. A total of 282 loops divided into 11 full songs are included.

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Sound Clips

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