The History of OddGrooves

In early 2007, Stockholm-based progressive rock musician and composer Per Ulfhielm exclaimed: “Darn it, why can’t I find any high quality odd meter drum loops for my sampler?”. As his laptop didn’t provide a satisfying answer, he took matters into his own hands and teamed up with drummer Magnus Brandell to produce the grooves themselves. As a result, OddGrooves was founded.

Magnus Brandell

Berklee educated drummer Magnus Brandell has long experience from sessions and touring and has played with Par Lindh Project, William Kopecky, Ian Rapien, Joe Faulder among others. At Berklee, he studied polyrhythms with professors Mike Mangini and Skip Hadden. He now teaches drums and percussion when not doing sessions.
As you probably guessed, Magnus gets to do all the fun stuff while handling the drumsticks at OddGrooves.

Per Ulfhielm

Composer/multi instrumentalist Per Ulfhielm has played guitars and keyboards in various bands ever since the happy 80’s. Per is the one who does the dull business activities such as paperwork, marketing, web & IT stuff.

Check out Per Ulfhielm’s blog here (in Swedish)

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