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So, you have all of the groove packs and developed a liking for Magnus’ sense of groove, exquisite timing and wild polyrhythmic excursions? Now, how would you like to have him lay down some custom drumming to fit your specific arrangement? Well, glad you asked. No problem at all. We can also provide guitars, bass or keyboard tracks (provided by Per). Wanna hear what we sound like? Click here to find out!


Here is how it works:

Simply shoot us an e-mail via our contact page and specify your requirements briefly. We will get back to you shortly to discuss the details. We charge $79 per track for a song of standard-ish length and complexity. For drum tracks we deliver a MIDI file in a mapping of your choice (Toontrack, Addictive Drums, Steven Slate etc). For an additional charge we can provide either a stereo mix or separate audio files for the individual kit pieces. 

You do not pay until you are happy with the track.

*For European Union residents, VAT will be added.


Customer Testimonial:

‘While combing the web for midi loops for my SD2 drum library I luckily landed on Oddgrooves site. I immediately purchased the FourFour2 and Basic drum packs and was blown away by the feel of them. Then I noticed the magic button. Custom Tracks. My first thought was ‘No way!’. To have these guys play custom tracks on my current production has to cost a mint. Nope! Magnus and Per offer their incredible playing skills for a modest price that fits any reasonable budget. So I tried the service out, risk free thanks to the killer guarantee. The result? A quality demo track that instantly became a first release single for my production company. Thank you technology. Thank you web surfing addiction. Thank you Oddgrooves!

Jamie Locklear, Linear Sound (producer of the single Hope is Dust by Derek Gayle)

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