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We could go on and on about how great our grooves are, but we figured you’d rather listen to what our customers have to say instead.

“It is not hard to find some decent four-on-the-floor MIDI grooves among the competition, but when the time comes for fills and intros, Oddgrooves packs are absolutely unbeatable. Hats off to Mister Magnus… Live MIDI drum clips played by an excellent drummer, a collection where everything except the ordinary could be found. Magnus is a real drummer in all matters – unpredictable, wild with plenty of crazy ideas. ”

Alex Arsov

Wusik Magazine

Working with Magnus on our cd project, Shakespeare´s Sonnets, was an ease and a very good solution and experience. As composer and producer you do not necessarily know how to get your hands on a set of great sounding drums, a great sounding room to  record in, great sounding mics to record through…or for that sake the skills to set it all up for a perfect recording. Or for another matter of sake, – an absolutely exact plan for every little part of the drum-arrangement at the time where you would actually like to start working with real sounding and grooving drums in you compositions.- live-recorded midi-drums by Magnus Brandell at Odd Grooves, gave me the perfect conditions for finishing the production with awesome sounding drum-tracks.

Magnus is a very competent partner in producing drum-tracks. He used the best ideas from my pre-programmed drums and added a great deal of creativity and analytic skills with his live drumming. It made a great difference for the end result. The communication was smooth, respectful and constructive. The very few parts where I had a little different ideas from what Magnus came up with, was met with creativity and analytical skills, and in all aspects, It ended with tracks I was fully pleased with.

First and most important – the difference between a grooving and non grooving drummer is essential. (maybe even more important, working with odd measures) I can only say that Magnus is the grooving kind, playing with great sense of feeling.

I can only give Magnus and Odd Grooves my best recommendations.

Bjørn Palmqvist

Composer and producer

Hi there, I absolutely love your products, I have a great time practicing with them. Thank you very much for your work, you make practicing, teaching and composing a whole lot more fun and productive!

I’ve told all my friends and students about your grooves. Actually, my students always ask about the drum grooves I use when teaching them, they get immediately hooked up.
All the best, will keep looking forward to more products from you guys. Magnus is a drum beast!
Armando Nunez-Portillo

Will Chen has reviewed our FourFour Bundle at  “Across the board the feel is just fantastic incorporating ghost notes, soft single stroke rolls, and many other technical intricacies which are almost felt more than heard… I’ve found a few combinations so inspiring that they’ve become the basis of some new songs.” Read the whole review here.

Will Chen

Frugal Guitarist

As a professional guitarist/teacher for the past 25 years I’ve been frustrated with recording drums for fusion jazz rock type of things for years. When I recorded some techno releases  I used multiple drum machines with a lot of programming and tweaking and fit the genre fine but the rather stiff beats just don’t work for me in most other types of music.

I ran across you guys when searching for a specific kind of midi groove and I’m impressed. The free shredder double bass example made me whip out the 7 string and I love Magnus’s relaxed swaggering feel. Dead on the beat but not mechanical like a lot of “metal” style drumming. I’ll be getting at least 4 or 5 of his compilations as finally I’ll have some great drumming with no apologies on my recordings.

As a fan of Yngwie and Sweden in general I’m delighted to send you my money 🙂

Every other site I visited that had some real drumming was disappointing. Either the drummer played so stiff and simple it still sounded like a drum machine or it simply sounded so uninspired that I couldn’t get excited adding it to my own stuff. 

Now with you and Magnus… I’m excited!

Really happy I found your stuff!  It really exceeded my expectations of “midi drum loops”.  Super quality work.

Elden Majors

Washington DC

I wanted to let you know how impressed I am by the loops you offer. I’ve never heard anything quite like them on the market. They’re perfect for some Ozric-like pieces I’m creating. Absolutely brilliant. And thank you for offering free loops as well. I hope to add LOTS of odd groove products to my collection.
Many thanks,

David Linn

A word of thanks for the wonderful material you offer … it’s so inspiring to work with!!! Here an example of the way I use your loops:

Wim Dijkgraaf

Composer & Jazz Harmonica player

I’m a bassist and a songwriter. I was going through a drought in my works for the lack of good drumming. A couple days ago I discovered your grooves and already two songs fired up. I can’t praise your work enough. Thank you a lot. Cheers,

Emre Hanli

Hey Per, I bought your funk MIDI drumloops for use in some tracks I’m writing as part of my score for BAFTA’s behind-the-scenes documentary (using them in SD2.0). I’m really impressed with them, they’re so naturally recorded and you’ve managed to pick up all the nuances and ghosting as well as give a good variety of loops that build together well. They’ve really helped build a strong foundation to my tracks … I’ll definitely be back for more.

Stu Kennedy

Stu Kennedy Composer of music for Film & TV

After checking out your very generous free loops, I purchased the Jazz Drums loops at an equally generous price. The performances are absolutely amazing, the extended loop lengths (up to 32 bars) are great for arranging tunes and solo sections and the trading fours blew me away, but what stole the show for me, were the snare drum performances — top notch jazz drumming with breathtaking ghosting and tasteful syncopation. This is a collection no owner of EZX Jazz can afford to be without. Thank you again.

Adriaan van Niekerk

I was very impressed with your free samples I collected over the past year. I had them for a while but hadn’t really dug into them until last week. Once I checked ‘em out I realized how great they were and had to buy some! Your stuff is executed well and the chops are very tasty. For the most part I produce all styles of music doing a lot of demos for songwriters where budgets are tight and I use nothing but live midi clips into both drummer superior and steven slate for sounds. I can build detailed, realistic, midi performance tracks that have every nuance and all the feel of a live drummer, faster than a real drummer can learn the song, so it just helps keep the cost down and projects out the door faster for me. Every now and then I have a real drummer play a midi kit, but not often. But recently I’m doing a lot more albums of backing tracks for solo artists and I’ve needed better, more detailed stuff and was pleased to discover what you have to offer. It works. Thanks so much for your time and your great work that helps make me look good! Cheers,

Payton Stiles


Well I think they are greatest midi drum loops I have ever heard! I have bought some odd meter files from Toontrack and another company I cannot remember the name of and they sucked! I had ended up using Kit Core to get at the Alan white and Terry Bozio loops to use with my NI 60’s and 70’s drums and they are okay. However the velocities are off and they sound a bit quantized. But your stuff…OMG perfects my sound. Magnus is a fantastic drummer and his playing sounds amazing in my NI drums. He is extremely technical yet with so much emotion, this is hard to find. For the first time they sound realistic. Once again, Great stuff GUYS…..Great STUFF!!!!!

Mike Moreau

I just purchased your 4/4 pack – it is really excellent, I’d say better than any of the grooves I have bought from other companies…but I have a request/suggestion for a future pack: a pack with a heavy emphasis on half-time grooves (with some quarter note grooves please!!). 99% of my tracks are written wit…h a half-time feel in the range of 115-122 bpm, playing quarter notes on the hi-hat/ride. I haven’t yet found any midi grooves available at this tempo with a half-time feel and playing quarter notes. Maybe it wouldn’t be a commercially viable pack on it’s on but you could incorporate it into a larger pack somehow… I’d just like to say that I am extremely impressed with the quality of the OddGrooves midi. I think it’s a real skill to get patterns to groove while still sounding really tight. And I think this is what you’ve got in your product. Some of your competitors midi just sounds damn sloppy by comparison! I can see the OddGrooves midi as being a great place to look for inspiration when starting the composition process. Cheers,

Jeremy Grove

Love the grooves, I actually bought the big pack too. It all started with this group drum buy from Esoundz – they bundled some grooves, and I liked them, loved the live feel. so much more vibe and groove. and not being a drummer, stuff I can’t hear when I am just programming – so it’s great to have more raw material. So thanks! and I look forward to hearing more of the free grooves – I like the song format that you are doing. It’s nice to have it together without piecing them together bar by bar – sometimes I hear more stuff that way.

Andy Gabrys

Generally: I appreciate the oddness not only because I enjoy listening to sort non-mainstream rhythm but because it forces me to explore new places in my own creative endeavors. Specifically: The subtle variations have proven useful, especially with detailed sample libraries like Superior 2 and BFD 2. I would like to have more in the Jams category. I like to cut and create my own new grooves from various Jam files. Thanks for nicely priced bundle deal.

K.C. Satterlee

Part of a review in 2496Audio (translated from Spanish): ”Some of the major factors that highlight the products developed by OddGrooves are quality, musicality and interpretation that immediately separates them from the traditional MIDI files often found on the Internet. This is something different. Here we have products developed by professionals.” ”Forget  Urban, HipHop, Electronica, Polka, Cumbia, Raggaeton, etc.. These are Rock, Jazz, and Progressive Rock patterns, giving musicians and producers hard-to-find musical patterns in unconventional time signatures. Believe me, using these files is a real inspiration.” ”When combining with Superior Drummer 2.0, the possibilities of getting impressive drum sounds are endless. ” ”If you don’t have access to a professional recording studio, a qualified engineer, a good drum kit and drummer, it will be more convenient to invest in a very good collection of MIDI loops from OddGrooves.” Read the entire review – in Spanish – at

2496 Audio

I can genuinely and sincerely say that ODDGROOVES has the best sounding loops out there. Whether one likes my song or not no one can deny the solidness in your loops.  Not just in the colorful drum rhythms but also in dynamics  (velocity, loudness and just strength).    I can hear a substantial difference in ODDGROOVES loops verses all others.  I wouldn’t say it unless I truly meant it.

Benji Flores

These are truly the best MIDI packs available on the internet. I am mainly a saxophonist so I love the organic realism of these packs. I especially love all the subtle ghost notes and buzz notes that Magnus is great at. Those are so hard to program. I have ECM and love it so much!
Richard Block

Greetings! First let me thank you for providing non-drummers like myself the ability to produce music with top notch drumming & percussion without having to hire someone or spend countless hours programming! Your service is indispensible and the performances are incredible and inspirational!

Darren Pierce

Whenever you put out something new I buy it because it is like buying a real drummer.

Roger Peitso

I really like the drum midi files. I also like the fact that they are not quantized. It adds such a lifelike dimension to them.Also, I am a fusion fan and play guitar in that genre. The audio samples you supply on the website are sometimes in that veinwhich helps to hear them in a context that I understand well.

David Kowalski

Hi Per, sorry it took me a bit to get back to.Yeah, very much enjoying using the new grooves in Addictive Drums. I was putting together a reggae instrumental a couple of wks ago and you guys came to the rescue. Cool getting some free stuff too. Everything I’ve heard sounds great….looking forward to picking up more. 5 stars :-) Cheers,


Hi guys, Just wanted to tell you how happy I’ve been with the two 4/4 packs since I purchased them!  It really does give the illusion of playing with a real drummer!   In some cases, I do a little editing on a loop to make it fit better with what I’m trying to do, but….they are, as is,  really well done and I plan on buying more of your 4/4 packs as they are released (I don’t use a lot of odd time signatures). I wish you both continued success


I sent you my feedback about the other packs telling you how awesome they are. Well, this is not an exception. The Westcoast Pack is AWESOME. Besides, I like how the pack is organized with verse, chorus, etc.. sections. I really love how inspiring they are. I could jam forever!! It’s a great work, especially with Superior 2. I encourage you to keep doing midi packs.” All the best,

Alfonso Gonzalez Garcia

I have purchased a bundle (Basic, Advanced & Crazy packs)after I previewed your free pack and I must say that it blew my mind. It is a perfect fit for a project I`m doing atm (lots of odd-time signature stuff).  Grooves & fills flow so natural….it helped me a lot to achieve the “feeling” of the songs I had in my mind. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Sincerely,

Damir Zupanovic

Just wanted to say I picked these up today and they are freaking phenomenal. It’s fantastic to have some nice complex sounding drums that are still easy to apply to standard grooves. I love the feel and your drummer is great. Also love the fact that they aren’t all quantized to hell. Very human sounding and groovy. Really nice stuff. I now have the urge to go buy another pack because I like the fourfour one so much! Thanks!

Kent (swonderme at the KVR Forum)

First off I want you to know that the work you guys do over there is not only fantastic but really a dream come true to me.  I’ve been a fan of progressive rock for years and never found grooves that worked for me.  I stumbled across your site and couldn’t believe that there was a great library of grooves that capture the passion and intricacies of progressive drumming. Keep up the great work!!

James Balestrino

Nobody else is offering this level of detail with odd time signature grooves. Their groove packages meet or exceed all expectations yet are cheap as hell! I had an issue with the grooves showing up correcly in Sonar 7. Let me tell you that Per worked with me personally on getting the issue solved in no time. I wouldn’t have expected this level of service from anyone.

Paul Preamble

Your stuff is in a class of its own. No one else is doing this kind of high-Q MIDI work with human personality. Keep up the good work. I’m very impressed to see someone stepping outside the usual ‘box’: this is not easy stuff to find, let alone play, and there’s a lot of scope for producing really amazing drum tracks using ‘Crazy.’

Funkychickendance at the KVR Forum

The bottom line here is that any genre that under-represented in the grooves market. I listen to and play all sorts of music but can rarely find grooves that allow for full and easy working into whatever I may compose. Yours do the job excellently and offer wide creative opportunities. Not everyone plays funk or dance music and I am very happy that you guys are doing what you are. Keep up the good work. :-)

Anthony Boardman

Hello my friends @ odd grooves, I’m just dropping you folks a line to let you know how pleased I am w/ your new ECM pack. Tribal Tech all the way! I’m actually very fortunate to have all of your available loops to date & will continue to buy them as soon as they become available. Using your midi library along side Superior Drummer is as good as it gets. I sure & the hell don’t have any complaints or even advice on improvement. I’ve been in the studio business for nearly 25 years & I’ll honestly never mic a drum kit again in my own studio.

Gabe Douge


Wow. Metal-Shredder is Excellent.  It is what I have been looking for. Please let me know if any of your other midi loops  would be good for my style of music. I’m a keyboardists who is making instrumental solo pieces. It’s a combination of Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Classical and Jazz. Always looking for Odd Time Signatures midi loops. Continued success. Excellent product.



Enjoy…your loops helped me write the song demos! You are a STAR! Thanks maestro!

Billy The Mountain

i LOVE the oddgrooves i got!  i’m a new drummer and am using midi grooves to learn timing/feel/fills etc.  i love how refreshing your grooves are with yummy ghost notes galore … you’ll be getting more orders from me for sure!  got my ears on the 4/4 packs and the funk grooves already – do you think you may have some holiday/new year specials coming up? cheers,


What a find your website and grooves are!  I’ve already used some Jazz Swing selections for inspiration in my music for an upcoming project.  They are intricate and and have a natural feel, and the price couldn’t be fairer.  I look forward to experimenting with more of your offerings.  Keep it up, and keep me posted!Best,

David Remedios

Watertown, MA, Remedios Sound

I came across your website searching for drum loops in something other than 4/4 time, and was very pleasantly surprised! Not only do you live to your name of OddGrooves, you’ve got lots of awesome grooves in 4/4 time as well. Thank you so much for putting these packages together!

Trevis Rothwell

I’ve been using the OddGrooves stuff for drums on a song today….. F**k man… it seriously takes my stuff to another level. I will send you the song shortly to demonstrate.
I was never trained as a drummer, and programming realistic and varied parts (particularly fills…those were always a damn nightmare) was never my strong point. Needless to say I’m extremely impressed. Now I just have to find a drummer who can do this stuff live as I’m starting a band :| Ain’t that gonna be easy…
Adam Mannering

Soular Flair

I just finished building a track out of the FourFour2 pack and it is the best! The song was so flat sounding with the acoustic loops and the oddgrooves drums just made it come alive. These are not loops my friend, they are gold.

Jamie Locklear

Producer, composer and guitarist, Linear Sound

Thank you so much for the fast reply. The grooves sound awesome! I do a lot of playing with Dave Weiner from Steve Vai’s band and I’m going to be using some of your grooves to demo some new prog/fusion songs. I’m also writing an instructional book for Bass and I’ll be using some of your loops on the backing tracks. It’s great to finally have odd time loops and the 4/4 stuff is awesome too. Thanks!

RoB Smith

I got the two 4/4 packs from Oddgrooves and they are the best midi files for rock and funk around (yes, there are funk grooves there too). Even better than Groove Monkey IMO. standalone at the KVR Forum Just downloaded your Four Four drumming and I love it. Just wanted to say thanks guys!! Looking forward to more.

Chris Byrne

OddGrooves is hands down the king of all midi drum loops sets. I have paid a lot of money over the past few years hiring session drummers, and always felt like I was “settling” when I tried other loop sets. I just finished putting together a drum track for my first song using OddGrooves with Superior 2.0, and it’s the most kick ass drum track I’ve ever played to.  Sounds like it was written for my song.

Jeff Sanders

Mountain Mirrors

Great grooves! Bought the full bunch of grooves throug the Ocean Way Drums group buy on KVR and im well pleased! Very inspirational stuff! Hope to see more stuff from you guys! All the best from Denmark!

Mads Laursen

The feel is excellent.  Very usable for building arrangements, and inspiring to play along with. Keep those grooves in standard time signatures coming, and I’ll keep buying them up.  Thanks for a putting out such a great product.

Daniel Lewis

Your oddgrooves are excellent, but I make my living in a 4/4 world and will buy every product you make like that. So I hope you expand to “Odd & Normal Grooves” ( which it looks like you’re starting to do ). Thanks for a great product.

Ray Burghardt

Excellent, much more interesting than other groove libraries.i like that you guys specialize in more interesting beats that would be difficult to program.too many other midi sets are full of way to many beats that i could just as easily programed myself.if im gonna spend time browsing midi files instead of programing them myself it’ll be for grooves/fills etc..that i cant (or dont have the patience to) program myself.the idea of midi grooves is to save time not waste it. so far i only have your free set,but judging by them i’ll be purchasing some more soon. I’d personally love a fill pack w/ no  grooves ,just lotsa fills. fills are what i have the most  difficult time w/  when trying to compose midi.

Tony Galasso

Magnus is a very skilled drummer but more importantly, he’s put his talents into making a very usable library of interesting and complex grooves.  Although these are complex rhythms, they go beyond “showing off” and work well in the real world.  Not only are they great songwriting, they are great learning and practice tools as well.  Frankly, they are as good or better than any other competing product I’ve seen including those from the impressive Toontrack library.  If you’re still in doubt, check out one of Magnus’ “jams” which really show what a high-level product he delivers.

Dylan Gadwa

Great grooves! I purchased the reggae drumming. I love it, i always programmed the drums myself, but this sounds lots better. Thank You! regards

Serge van Eck

These are great grooves !  They really kick arse and make almost everything else out there sound like limp lettuce  :)

AJ Washington

Sounds great so far (the new Westcoast Pack), and I’ve only played around with it for a few minutes!  Great work, as usual. Keep up the good work, can’t wait to get my hands on more and more.  Seriously, you guys make the “finding a good drummer” process SOoooooo much easier.

Niel Anilao

Hi Per! Way happening! I’ll be back to buy more grooves. Very good feel (most important). Keep rockin’! If I place a tune using your groove’s I’ll send you an Mp3!


I love Oddgrooves,  saves me a heck of a lot of time, keep up the great work!

Tony Accurso

Just had a chance to listen to these loops with EZDrummer and the DFH drumkit. Excellent stuff, and LOTS of it. Phenomenal value for money.


Excellent! You’re the only guys, who do complex grooves and who don’t deliver only 4/4 and 3/4 beats! You rock! all the best and hats off!

Christian Bader

I’m loving this so far! I just had one of the Tom Grooves running for about half an hour until my girlfriend made me turn it off.


Yesterday I bought the ECM pack from you. It is simply super. I play guitar, keys and bass and my productions help your Grooves me a lot. Thank you!

Jo Lienen

Thanks a lot, you’re doing a great job.

I’m really enjoying the Reggae Drumming loops and having huge fun and inspiration


Paolo “brainzuk” Mezzadra

I purchased some midi loops yesterday and just wanted to say they work like a charm.
Great drumming man. There must be something in the water over there. Go the Swedes!
Leigh Ferguson

A quick note to let you know: I recently bought the 4/4 bundle. Great grooves, well played. Very usable.


Hi Per Just bought Your OddGrooves Fill Pack and Advance Drumming. Very Good indeed!!! Will buy some more monthly to build my own huge database ;-) All the best


Just wanted to a minute to thank you for the excellent grooves and patterns you allowed me to download… I am using them in EZ Drummer to create backing beats and fills to enhance my musical creativity. These patterns are just fantastic… Thank You So Much! Magnus is a flippin monster of a drummer!!!!

John Silva

Hi Per & Magnus ! I love to hear you’re having success.. all of your grooves are very inspiring to me.. my latest purchase “Crazy Drumming” is the bomb !!! love to jam to the 11/8 and 13/8 stuff yeah and i also would welcome a BIG collection 4/4 .. :)

Dirk Reinking

Excellent. I have all the EZ Drummer EZX’s and all the Groove Monkee packs, and all of your packs. I would say that your product is as good as any out there!

Terry McGuire

Hi guys, I wanted to let you know that I’m very happy with the Basic and Advanced Drumming grooves I got 4 months ago. I have Superior Drummer 2 and love the added variety.

Donald Hohman

Love the reggae beats, more please. I’m a big fan of early Killing Joke and On-U Sound stuff like African Head Charge and, of course, Keith LeBlanc. Anything in that vein would be appreciated. Maybe some youtube tutorials if you have the time. Keep up the great work!


Budapest, Hungary

I think your grooves kick ass.  I’m getting a lot out of your badass progressive grooves.

Jerin Smith

I have purchased a couple of your sets, advanced and basic. I enjoy them very much. Excellent customer service as well.

Aaron Bergman

Excellent. Great stuff ….good feels and I the grooves sound good on various plugins

Stephen Goldstein

Wow, these grooves are excellent! Now I just have to learn to play the guitar properly :-)


I am very impressed!  All that for $20?


I just bought these OddGrooves.  Only getting a chance to mess around with them on my work laptop with my little sony plastic cheezey speakers, but this stuff is cool as heck!   Can’t wait to start putting this stuff to use.


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