So, what’s up with 7/8?

free 7/8 drum loops

Yeah, what is up with 7/8 time? Well, for starters it’s a damn cool time signature – and a popular one if you’re into advanced music styles such as progressive rock and fusion. When OddGrooves started out back in 2008 all we did was odd meter drum loops. We have since then extended our range with funk, reggae, latin, metal and others genres. But now it’s back to our roots, so to speak. We have recorded a brand new selection of odd-meter drum loops, all in 7/8 time. And you get to download 8 of them right here, free of charge. 96 bars of top notch drumming recorded by professional drummer Magnus Brandell.

The free version of our 7/8 pack covers styles such as progressive rock, fusion and some pop. All in 7/8. Drum sampler mappings include Toontrack, Steven Slate 3 & 4, Addictive drums, I-Map and General MIDI.

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