Free 4/4 drum loops by Magnus Brandell – UPDATED June 2013

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Magnus Brandell

Magnus Brandell

UPDATED with new grooves June 2013

Time for some free drum loops again, don’t you think? This time we have a bunch of 4/4 loops taken from our upcoming pack with the working title “Magnus Brandell Signature Grooves”. These grooves feature a lot of ghost notes, drags, buzzes, flams, rolls and accents – you know the stuff that separates a live recorded drum groove from a programmed one. There are 9 loops in this free pack with a total of 120 measures of exquisite drumming. Tempos are 80 and 100 BPM.

No opt-in or anything required. Simply download the free loops by clicking on the big ugly yellow button below:





Like this? Grab the whole pack here!

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7 Comments to “Free 4/4 drum loops by Magnus Brandell – UPDATED June 2013”

  1. Scott McCray
    Damn! That is some tasty drummin'! Gotta go grab my bass now! (and I promise I'll grab my credit card later, too!)
  2. Dave Long
    I really like Magnus' style, and it's true, you get none of that dry, lifeless, stale, mechanical stuff with OddGrooves. I've Tweeted and Liked this on Facebook, and as I tell everyone, I ONLY use OddGrooves on GammaLeonis recordings. And it's likely to stay that way for a very long time.
  3. Keith
    Hi, I just wanted you to know how excited I am that this recent offering is in 4/4...because most everyhing I write, is in 4/4. I also wanted to thank you (long overdue) for the loops that you offer, for free. As I have a rather limited (severely) budget, I have to rely on whatever I can find, that is free. Or, create the midi drums myself -which I've done to varying degrees. But, I'm not a drummer. Clearly. :) As many of your loops are odd signatures (hence the "Odd" in "Oddgrooves"), I'm usually not able to utilize them as I'm pretty much a 4/4 kind of guy But,.. I'm no drummer, so I'm beholden to folks like you who can provide the tools to help create what I hear in my mind's ear. Thanks! I can't afford to buy your product, but I'll let people know that it would make a nice Christmas gift for me... Thanks again. Peace, K8ch / Keith
  4. Ben Flores
    All ODDGROOVES loops really are the best!. Not your standard drum loops. Very colorful to take your recordings of all styles to the next level. Magnus is an awesome colorful drummer & his drum compositions have tons of personality. He's a Berklee alumni. No I didn't know him when I lived there in Boston Fenway but all the Berklee students I've encountered have had solid technique. Some are great players and some are great composers. Magnus possess both! Ben Flores Composer & Recording for 13# years!
  5. Adriaan van Niekerk
    The grooves are beautifully played with a lot of nuance and subtlety. What really impressed me most was how stylistically versatile these loops are. Composers and arrangers will be able to use this library across quite a wide field of genres.
  6. Theo Batarini
    You are awesome and are impulsing creativity in a way that should be reference to many! That's the correct approach to a saner marketing! I will make sure I get to buy some of your work from your company solely because of that as well! Thanks!

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