Free Drum Loops

Who Else Wants Free Drum Loops?

Do YOU want free drum loops? Really? OK, no problem. Start by subscribing to our newsletter by entering your name and e-mail in the box to the right to get access to a very cool and useful selection of free drum loops, carefully selected from all of our critically acclaimed loop packs. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail from us (so we know it’s really you) and as soon as you click the confirmation link in that e-mail we’ll send you the freebies right away.

And just for the record: We will never share your e-mail address with anyone. That’s a promise.

Free drum loops taken from our popular loop packs

The free loop pack includes the following:
MIDI files selected from our libraries FourFour 1&2, BASIC, ADVANCED, CRAZY DRUMMING, WESTCOAST DRUMMING, REGGAE DRUMMING and the FILL PACK. Over 60 top-notch drum loops in all.

“Jam of the Month” free drum loops added every month

That’s right, each and every month we make a one-off custom 32-bar jam that you cannot get elsewhere. The jams are made in different genres, everything from straight rock grooves to intricate 19/16 fusion madness. Both the Jam of the Month and the free drum loops pack are recorded live by professional session drummer Magnus Brandell.

All loops are arranged for:

  • Toontrack EZ Drummer/Superior Drummer
  • XLN Audio Addictive Drums
  • Steven Slate Drums
  • Sonic Reality I-MAP
  • General MIDI

Get yourself some free drum loops right now by entering your e-mail in the box to the right!


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