Free Jazz Drum Loops

October 28, 2010 Blog 6 Comments

free jazz drum loopsDownload Free Jazz Drum Loops here

Yes that’s right, we are giving away a couple of groovy, swingy, jammy… uuuhh… jazzy drum loops for free. There’s no need to opt in or anything, we wanna keep this open and available for everyone. There’s one 8-bar tomtom groove, one 16-bar hihat groove and one 16-bar ride groove all selected from the upcoming OddGrooves Jazz Drumming – Swing Pack (scheduled for launch very very soon).

All loops are arranged for the formats that we usually offer (EZdrummer/Superior Drummer, Addictive Drums, Steven Slate Drums, Sonic Reality I-Map and General MIDI).

Make sure that you download this NOW as we will pull it down for the public when we launch the Swing Pack.

These grooves are entirely free, but we’d like to ask one thing of you in return: If you like the grooves and find them usable in your music, please let us know by leaving a comment in the comments section right here below the post.

We would also be thrilled if you’d tweet this page or share it on Facebook by clicking on the appropriate icon below the post.




Swing Sound Clips – click here to listen

Buy the full pack of Jazz drum loops here

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6 Comments to “Free Jazz Drum Loops”

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  2. Stuart
    Cool, I'm gonna put these to use in a project I'm working on. Thanks guys!
  3. Kelly
    Thanks a lot, guys! Very cool!
  4. S
    Hi, Per. Tks, they are really nice ones... but I am craving for some loops in the Virgil Donati type of playing (the greatest drummer of all times) and some in the Nick Menza style (ex Megadeth and the most solid drummer I have heard) Tks for newsletter-ing, it is quite a blast when you open your mail and see something that really is of your interest!
  5. World Spinner
    Free Jazz Drum Loops | OddGrooves Drum Loops... Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing......
  6. kaith
    Thanks i will shurely use this!!!

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