A funky backing track with free MIDI drum loops

This is a recently written tune that I thought should make a pretty decent backing track as there are very few quirks and difficult passages in it. It should in other words be quite easy to play lead to. It’s kind of inspired by the some of the excellent instrumental jazz funk artists of the early 80’s, such as Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton and others.

Magnus Brandell: Funky drumming extraordinaire
Per Ulfhielm: Guitar, synth bass, keys, composer and producer

Listen to the track with lead parts by clicking the Play button below. Download the backing track and free MIDI grooves by clicking the green button that says “Download” further below.



What’s included?

  • A really funky backing track
  • Sample 4/4 MIDI drum loops recorded LIVE by Magnus Brandell
  • All for FREE with no strings attached





Notes on how to play the track

The time signature is 4/4, the tempo is 89 BPM and the key is Eb. You can pretty much get away with playing Eb pentatonic the whole tune, although I prefer to play it in the Dorian mode, with some chromatic variations here and there. The ”hook” section starts with a pentatonic scale and descends in a whole-note scale. In the solo section, the arrangement goes a bit into fusion mode (never go full fusion!) where the bass and drums start interacting more freely.

I choose to trade solos between organ and guitar, but it’s of course entirely up to you. An accordion solo would be awesome! Or maybe not.

So, what are you waiting for? Fire up that old Deluxe and plug in your ES335 through a Mu-tron III pedal and let it rip!



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