Progressive drum grooves

MIDI drum loops for advanced music, such as progressive rock, fusion and prog metal. All recorded live by pro drummer Magnus Brandell.

Seven Eight Drumming

212 7(7 grooves recorded in 7 tempos.

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Magnus Brandell Signature 4/4

Magnus’ own 4/4 pack, filled with 212 advanced grooves.

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The Sixpack – 6/8 drum loops

All in 6/8!

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The Shredder Pack – Metal Drum Loops

Grooves for instrumental rock and prog metal.

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The Fill Pack

Fills, fills and more fills. Over 900 of them, in 10 time signatures and 6 tempos.

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Polyrhythmic Fills: FIVES

Polyrhythmic drum fills galore! This is really tricky stuff.

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Basic Drumming

750 MIDI files in 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 and 7/4.

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Advanced Drumming

1000 grooves in 5/8, 6/8, 7/8 and 9/8.

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Crazy Drumming

Crazy, as in weird, nuts, bonkers. 3/8, 11/8, 13/8, 15/8, 17/8, 13/16, 15/16, and 19/16.

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FourFour Drumming

1500 advanced 4/4 grooves!

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FourFour Drumming 2

Even more 4/4 grooves.

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