New Orleans Drumming


Is it swing? Is it straight? It’s New Orleans drum loops! The New Orleans Drumming Pack is a collection of MIDI drum loops with that organic live feel that is so hard to nail with programmed beats. And they have that live feel simply because they are performed and recorded live by a real drummer. Our drum loops are NEVER ever quantized, but this time we decided take things one step further and introduce a collection of really loose, relaxed, rootsy beats guaranteed to get those inspirational juices flowing.

So, what’s included in the New Orleans Pack?

  • 168 New Orleans MIDI drum loops
  • 8 different tempos
  • Arranged for Toontrack EZdrummer & Superior Drummer, Addictive Drums, Sonic Reality I-Map, General MIDI, Steven Slate 3.5 and Steven Slate 4.0
  • Long Groove-format (up to 32 bars)
  • Just drag and drop the grooves in your DAW
  • Recorded live by professional session drummer Magnus Brandell
  • Our grooves are not quantized
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Second Line Drumming

Second Line Drumming has its roots in the traditional New Orleans brass bands and combines lots of snare rolls and buzzes with a very relaxed time feel. The Second Line grooves include different variations such as dixie and march.

“New Orleans Feel”

These grooves are inspired by the second line clave with that elusive in-between-swing-and-straight feel.

New Orleans Funk

This more modern, syncopated approach to the New Orleans drumming style works great for funk, pop and some rockier music.

Hey Bo D!

While not a New Orleans native, the rhythm made popular by the man with the square guitar is closely related to the New Orleans style.

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