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Awesome Customer Sound Clip

September 1, 2011 Blog Leave a comment

James Lake – Rosy Okenfold

James Lake

James Lake

I just love it when our customers spontaneously send in songs that they have recorded with OddGrooves MIDI drum loops. Especially when they sound as good as Rosy Okenfold by James Lake. Magnus plays drums on a couple of songs on James’ upcoming album, but the drums on this song were all done using OddGrooves Westcoast Drumming. To quote James: “It was like the beats were made specifically for my song“. And I agree, the loops are right there in the pocket.

James uses Addictive Drums on this clip, and I must say that it sounds pretty amazing. Great playing, arrangement and production.

So, keep an eye out for James Lake’s album. And in the meantime, here’s “Rosy Okenfold”.

James Lake – Rosy Okenfold


P.S. Westcoast Drumming is available here.

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