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Shredder Pack FAQ

December 18, 2010 Blog Leave a comment

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have asked us questions via e-mail and on our Facebook page, and we thought it best to answer them all in one place: Right here on the OddGrooves blog. We will keep adding more questions and answers to this page as soon as they come in.

Feel free to ask a question in the comments section!

Q: Which time signatures are featured in the Shredder Pack?

A: Mostly 4/4, but there are alsosections in 7/4, 9/4 and 5/8

Q: Are there any extreme metal grooves that will work with Black or Death Metal??

A: No, nothing extreme in that sense. If you are into black or death metal Toontrack’s Library of the Extreme would be a better choice.

Q: Do I have to play instrumental music to use the Shredder Pack?

A: No, although we produced it with instrumental music in mind, the shred pack will work really well with vocal music too.

Q: Are the loops long or short?

A: Most of the loops are 8 bars long, but there are plenty of 16-bar loops and some with 4 as well. There are also 1- and 2-bar fills to add variety to your arrangements.

Q: Which sequencers/DAW’s are the loops compatible with?

A: They work with all major DAW’s.

Q: Are the loops audio?

A: No, they are in MIDI format. So you would need a sound source such as Superior Drummer/EZdrummer/Addictive Drums/Steven Slate/Ocean Way etc to get them to play correctly in your audio workstation.

Q: Honestly, what’s in the fine print of your money-back guarantee?

A: There’s no fine print. If you don’t like the grooves we don’t want to keep your money. Simple as that.

Q: Will you send me a download link when I payed?

A: Yes, as soon as payment has cleared with Paypal you are sent to a download page, and we also send you the link via e-mail.

Q: I don’t feel comfortable using my credit card online, do you offer any other payment methods?

A: At the moment we only accept payment via Paypal. All transactions are handled securely with encryption and we never store your credit card info. In fact, we never see your credit card number as it is handled by Paypal.

Buy the Shredder Pack here: [intlink id=”761″ type=”page”]Metal drum loops[/intlink]

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Reggae Drumming Frequently Asked Questions

September 2, 2010 Blog Leave a comment

Reggae Drum Loops FAQ

Thanks everybody for asking a lot of questions about the [intlink id=”53″ type=”page”]Reggae Drum Loops[/intlink] pack! To make it easier for everyone I gathered them here in one place. More Q&A’s will be added as they come in. Here goes:

Q: Can I try the reggae loops before I buy them?

A: Yes, there are a couple of reggae loops in the [intlink id=”19″ type=”page”]free drum loops [/intlink]pack. And with our money-back guarantee you really can’t lose. Buy them and try them out, if you don’t like them we’ll give you every cent back.

Q: Will the reggae loops work for metal?

A: They are probably not ideal for heavy metal, but why not create your own reggae-metal genre? Who knows, it might be a hit!

Q: Love the sound on the demo clips – what are you using?

A: It’s Toontrack Superior Custom & Vintage with the Vintage Oaklawn preset and the snare slightly tuned up. And some parallel compression with if I remember correctly Stillwell Audio’s fabulous Rocket Compressor.

Q: I use Superior Drummer – where do I put the files?

A: Look up the Superior Drummer User MIDI folder (reachable from the Superior plugin interface) and then navigate one level UP to the MIDI folder. Now move the folder 220@ODDGROOVES_REGGAE_DRUMMING to that folder. Re-start the plugin. Done!

Q: I’m not into reggae specifically, but have enjoyed your [intlink id=”15″ type=”page”]progressive drum loops[/intlink] products in the past. In there anything in the Reggae Pack that can be used in prog?

A: Yes, there is. The 125 BPM half-time grooves were all inspired by Frank Zappa’s reggae vamps, so there is a fair portion of oddness in there as well.

Q: I’m in France – why do I get charged Swedish VAT?

A: As a company based in Sweden, OddGrooves is bound by law to charge Swedish VAT (25%) to residents of both Sweden and other EU countries.

Q: Wassup with all this reggae nonsense? I thought you guys were prog musicians! Jeez…

A: Yes indeed, we are prog musicians. But we also like reggae, and thought that other people also might like to have access to some great [intlink id=”53″ type=”page”]reggae drum loops[/intlink]. Not to worry though, we have plenty of progressive rock loops and other cool stuff in the pipe.

Got more questions? Ask them right here on the blog!

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Westcoast Drumming Pack FAQ

April 10, 2010 Blog Leave a comment

Which time signatures will be included in the Westcoast Pack?

While our reputation was built mostly on odd meter drum loops, the Westcoast Pack is all about straight 4/4, 4/4 shuffle and some 6/8. It’s true that westcoast music may have some odd quirks from time to time (Nightwalker, anyone?) but the focus here is well-played drum loops that will fit right into the pocket of your music. Or like a glove. Kinda. Please check out the [intlink id=”270″ type=”post”]sound clips[/intlink] to get a feel for what it sounds like!

Are the loops in song format i.e. chorus/verse/etc?

Yes, most of it is in song format. The Westcoast Pack includes 7 full songs divided into several variations of 4, 8, 16 and 32-bar intros, choruses, verses, outros etc. There is also a section of shorter grooves (1-2 bars) and fills.

How many loops are included in the pack?

931 to be annoyingly specific. But in reality there is a lot more content as all the 16 and 32-bar song sections only count as one loop each. You do the math.

Which tempos are included?

The Westcoast Pack drum grooves are recorded in 13 different tempos ranging from 59 to 140 BPM.

I play and compose pop/rock. Will the Westcoast Pack work in my music?

The Westcoast Pack will work great for most pop and softer rock that has a “live” feel to it. If you want your music to sound programmed, look elsewhere (or quantize the snot out of the grooves – something we do not recommend). The Westcoast Pack is probably not the best choice for punk or metal either.

Do you guys offer any type of guarantee?

Yep, we certainly do! If you feel the Westcoast Pack doesn’t do miracles for your music, simply contact us within 30 days of purchase and we will issue a full refund – no questions asked. For more details, please take a look at our 30-day [intlink id=”358″ type=”page”]100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee[/intlink].

Do I get any bonuses when I buy the Westcoast Pack?

Glad you asked :-) As a subscriber to our newsletter [oddnews] you not only get a discount, but we’ll also throw in a section of surprise grooves that will only be available for a short period of time – and ONLY for newsletter subscribers. I can’t reveal any details now but it involves Magnus playing in the style of a VERY famous drummer with the initials “SG”.

Not a subscriber yet? Go ahead and sign up in the green box to the left!

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