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Download Free 7/8 Drum Loops Here

May 29, 2012 Uncategorized 3 Comments

So, what’s up with 7/8?

free 7/8 drum loops

Yeah, what is up with 7/8 time? Well, for starters it’s a damn cool time signature – and a popular one if you’re into advanced music styles such as progressive rock and fusion. When OddGrooves started out back in 2008 all we did was odd meter drum loops. We have since then extended our range with funk, reggae, latin, metal and others genres. But now it’s back to our roots, so to speak. We have recorded a brand new selection of odd-meter drum loops, all in 7/8 time. And you get to download 8 of them right here, free of charge. 96 bars of top notch drumming recorded by professional drummer Magnus Brandell.

The free version of our 7/8 pack covers styles such as progressive rock, fusion and some pop. All in 7/8. Drum sampler mappings include Toontrack, Steven Slate 3 & 4, Addictive drums, I-Map and General MIDI.

Please share this page

There are no strings attached, but we appreciate it a lot if you share this page with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest. Now download the loops, and be sure to let me know what you think!

Download 7/8 Drum loops here





P.S. Do you want free drum loops delivered straight to your inbox every month? Simply submit your name and e-mail address in the box to the right!

Buy 7/8 drum loops here

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We Want the Funk! Download free funk loops here!

April 3, 2011 Blog Leave a comment

So what about the funk?

I love the funk. I love to play it, listen to it and go to funk concerts. But I wasn’t always a funk fan, and if you read this blog regularly you may remember some of my previous posts about metal and also being a closet reggae fan. I didn’t care much for funk in my teens – it was all about prog, metal and fusion back then.

The key moment for me was the first time I saw Tower of Power in concert. It must have been in 1990 or 91 and the venue was a small club in Stockholm. I was standing less than 10 feet in front of the horn section and was literally blown away what came out of those horns (both in terms of sound and otherwise, yuk!). Since then I have seen them live five or six times, and they have never disappointed me. Rocco Prestia’s pumping 16th-notes, the distinct “BAUPP” sound of Doc Kupka’s baritone sax and of course the accented snare ghost notes by David Garibaldi. I love Tower of Power.

Another huge influence is of course James Brown, the godfather of soul. He recorded so many great songs that it seems almost silly to mention just one or two of them, but some of my favorites are Get On the Good Foot, Mother Popcorn and Funky Drummer (which features the most sampled drum groove ever, played by the great Clyde Stubblefield). I could go on.

Another funk highlight was seeing Parliament Funkadelic (or P-funk Allstars or whatever George Clinton decides to call the band. Or bands, whatever…). Songs like Red Hot Mama, Super Stupid, Good to Your Earhole, Standing on the Verge of Getting it On, Get off Your Ass and Jam and of course the epic Maggot Brain are regulars in my iPhone.

Then there’s The Meters, Prince, Defunkt, Sly & The Family Stone, Graham Central Station, the fusion funk of The Brecker Brothers and also disco-funk such as The Brothers Johnson and EWF. And the Acid Jazz movement that ocurred in the 90’s. The list goes on.

OddGrooves Funk Drumming sound clips

You may or may not have guessed that this blog post is part of a pre-launch for a new OddGrooves product (Attention: Subtle pitch coming up :-) ) The product is called OddGrooves Funky Drumming and features a selection of funk drum loops played by session drummer Magnus Brandell. It will be released in the first half of April 2011, and you will be the first to know if you either watch this blog closely or subscribe to our newsletter. As always, newsletter subscribers get a discount and if you’re not a subscriber I recommend you enter your name and e-mail address in the green box on the top right side. Here are the sound clips:

138 BPM Funk Fusion
115 BPM Popcorn Funk
112 BPM Funk
111 BPM TOP Funk
95 BPM Funky Magnus
91 BPM Funk
86 BPM Funk Shuffle

Free funk drum loops

Anyway, we got some free funk drum loops for you right here. As with all OddGrooves loops, they are royalty free and may be used in your productions without credit.

Download free funk drum loops here

We would appreciate it very much if you shared this blog post with your friends as we want to get the word out. Please use the Facebook Share or Tweet button.

Do you like the sound clips? Do you like the free loops? Do you like THE FUNK? We’d love to hear about it so please leave a comment below!


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Free Metal Drum Loops – Please Share!

December 14, 2010 Blog 10 Comments

Free metal drum loops

Free Metal Drum Loops

A lot of people have been asking whether there will be any freebies associated with the Shredder Pack launch, and the answer to that is…

Of course there will be freebies!

Hey, this is OddGrooves, and we ALWAYS give away a bunch of high quality free drum loops when we launch a new product.

So, without further delay, go ahead and download the free metal drum loops by right-clicking the link below and choosing Save As. ==>

Free Shredder Grooves

The mappings are EZ/Superior Drummer, Addictive Drums, Sonic Reality I-MAP, Steven Slate Drums and General MIDI and the loops are different variations with hihat, ride or fills in five different tempos.

Sharing the grooves

We want to spread the word about the Shredder Pack, so you are welcome to share these free metal drum loops with your friends, all we ask is that you direct them to this page instead of e-mailing them the midi files. Please use one of the icons below to post to your Facebook profile, tweet or to share on another social network.

And if you enjoy these free metal drum loops, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

Buy metal drum loops

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Free Jazz Drum Loops

October 28, 2010 Blog 6 Comments

free jazz drum loopsDownload Free Jazz Drum Loops here

Yes that’s right, we are giving away a couple of groovy, swingy, jammy… uuuhh… jazzy drum loops for free. There’s no need to opt in or anything, we wanna keep this open and available for everyone. There’s one 8-bar tomtom groove, one 16-bar hihat groove and one 16-bar ride groove all selected from the upcoming OddGrooves Jazz Drumming – Swing Pack (scheduled for launch very very soon).

All loops are arranged for the formats that we usually offer (EZdrummer/Superior Drummer, Addictive Drums, Steven Slate Drums, Sonic Reality I-Map and General MIDI).

Make sure that you download this NOW as we will pull it down for the public when we launch the Swing Pack.

These grooves are entirely free, but we’d like to ask one thing of you in return: If you like the grooves and find them usable in your music, please let us know by leaving a comment in the comments section right here below the post.

We would also be thrilled if you’d tweet this page or share it on Facebook by clicking on the appropriate icon below the post.




Swing Sound Clips – click here to listen

Buy the full pack of Jazz drum loops here

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Free pack updated with Reggae Drum Loops

August 27, 2010 Blog Leave a comment

We have added a couple of reggae grooves to the [intlink id=”19″ type=”page”]Free Drum Loops[/intlink] pack – which means that our newsletter subscribers get to try out some of the [intlink id=”53″ type=”page”]Reggae Drumming[/intlink] pack before everyone else. Not a subscriber? Simply enter your name and e-mail address in the subscription form to the right and you’ll have the reggae grooves (along with all the other free grooves) delivered to your inbox in no-time.

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Free Loops Pack updated with new Westcoast Grooves

April 19, 2010 Blog Leave a comment

Our Free Drum Loops pack now contains two brand new loops from the [intlink id=”42″ type=”page”]Westcoast Drumming[/intlink] pack. Both loops are arranged as “song sections” which means that they are longer than usual. They are pretty cool – and of course totally free for all newsletter subscribers. Not a subscriber? Simply enter your name and e-mail in the big green box to the right and you’ll be downloading them in a matter of minutes!

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Free Pack Contest Winner!

January 20, 2010 Blog Leave a comment

We are happy to announce the winner of the Free Pack Contest…


…Drum roll in 9/8…

Daniel Hogan with the song “Beparwa”. Daniel wins the entire OddGrooves collection with over 7000 grooves. While all entries are very good, we think Daniel’s song stands out. It’s creative, musical and outside-the-box in an unexpected genre. So congrats Daniel!

Runners-up are Charlotte McMillan, Tony Galasso and Mike Lockett, who each win a 10-dollar gift coupon to be used in our shop. Good work!

We think that these entries show that you can achieve some pretty cool results with our free grooves.

Listen to the songs here!

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Free Pack Contest

December 16, 2009 Blog Leave a comment

The contest is now over.

We got a great suggestion from one of our customers: How about a Free Pack contest? As you can imagine, the answer was a resounding YES, OF COURSE!

The rules are simple:

• Download our free MIDI drumming pack

• Compose and record a short piece of music using the free pack grooves as drums

• Any genre is accepted

• A little creative tweaking of the MIDI files is allowed

• Send it in mp3 format to per at

• Deadline is January 15, 2010

• We will post it to along with a link to your website, myspace etc

• The jury consists of Magnus and Per (and NO, we can’t be bribed!)

The winner gets the full set of the available OddGrooves products (worth almost 130 dollars) or a gift card of equal value if you already have some of our packs.

[intlink id=”19″ type=”page”]Get the free pack here![/intlink]

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Free Pack Update

December 4, 2009 Blog Leave a comment

We have updated our [intlink id=”19″ type=”page”]free drum loops[/intlink] groove pack with new material. All of our products are represented (yes, the Fill Pack too) and 4 different MIDI mappings are available:

Toontrack EZ Drummer/Superior Drummer
Addictive Drums
Steven Slate 3.0
General MIDI

[intlink id=”19″ type=”page”]Go download it here![/intlink]

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Free Drum Loops

May 29, 2008 Uncategorized Leave a comment

Yes, we are indeed giving away a set of [intlink id=”19″ type=”page”]free drum loops[/intlink]. Click here to find out more!

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