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Download Free 7/8 Drum Loops Here

May 29, 2012 Uncategorized 3 Comments

So, what’s up with 7/8?

free 7/8 drum loops

Yeah, what is up with 7/8 time? Well, for starters it’s a damn cool time signature – and a popular one if you’re into advanced music styles such as progressive rock and fusion. When OddGrooves started out back in 2008 all we did was odd meter drum loops. We have since then extended our range with funk, reggae, latin, metal and others genres. But now it’s back to our roots, so to speak. We have recorded a brand new selection of odd-meter drum loops, all in 7/8 time. And you get to download 8 of them right here, free of charge. 96 bars of top notch drumming recorded by professional drummer Magnus Brandell.

The free version of our 7/8 pack covers styles such as progressive rock, fusion and some pop. All in 7/8. Drum sampler mappings include Toontrack, Steven Slate 3 & 4, Addictive drums, I-Map and General MIDI.

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Download 7/8 Drum loops here





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Buy 7/8 drum loops here

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OddGrooves Reviewed in Wusik Magazine

October 17, 2010 Blog Leave a comment

Our MIDI [intlink id=”9″ type=”page”]drum loops[/intlink] packs have been reviewed by the dynamic Alex Arsov of Wusik Magazine.

Here’s quote from the review:

“It is not hard to find some decent four-on-the-floor MIDI grooves among the competition, but when the time comes for fills and intros, Oddgrooves packs are absolutely unbeatable. Hats off to Mister Magnus… Live MIDI drum clips played by an excellent drummer, a collection where everything except the ordinary could be found. Magnus is a real drummer in all matters – unpredictable, wild with plenty of crazy ideas. ”

Read the whole review here:

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Advanced Drumming Sound Clips

August 18, 2010 Sound Clips Leave a comment

Advanced Drumming Sound Clip 1

Advanced Drumming Sound Clip 2

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Crazy Drumming Sound Clips

August 18, 2010 Sound Clips Leave a comment

Crazy Drumming Sound Clip 1

Crazy Drumming Sound Clip 2

Crazy Drumming Sound Clip 3

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OddGrooves Rehearsal Video

December 6, 2009 Blog Leave a comment

Here is the song Fools Golden Ratio (composed by Per Ulfhielm). The time signature is 13/8!

The players are:

Magnus Brandell: Drums
Claes Andberg: Bass
Per Ulfhielm: Guitar
Sir Not-appearing-in-this-film: Keyboards

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Fill Pack Update

November 17, 2009 Uncategorized Leave a comment

Hi, Per here with a quick note about the [intlink id=”51″ type=”page”]Fill Pack[/intlink].

We have a couple of sound clips up to showcase just a tiny portion of the content in the fill pack. The finished product will contain over 900 fills in 10 time signatures, played in 4 different tempos. As usual the focus is advanced hard-to-play stuff, but there are also some rather “normal-sounding” fills in there.

[intlink id=”245″ type=”post”]The sound clips can be found here[/intlink].

The Fill Pack will ship in early December.

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OddNews November 2009

November 4, 2009 Uncategorized Leave a comment

It’s autumn here in Stockholm and just a moment ago I could swear I heard the leaves falling from the trees outside in a 5/8 rhythm. Which probably means that I should take a break from editing drum grooves right now. Anyway, here comes the November edition of OddNews!

Fill Pack is in the making!

We are having so much fun recording and editing the content of what soon will be known as The Fill Pack. This one ‘s gonna be really good folks, so keep an eye on your inbox in the beginning of december. Santa just might be early this year :-)

Jam of the Month for November

To get our free MIDI jam of the month, please subscribe to our newsletter, OddNews. Don’t worry, we will not spam you or sell your e-mail address. Promise.

OddGrooves on Facebook

We have launched a fan page on Facebook. If you’re there too, come say hi! Find us at

And remember that we are also on Twitter – look us up at

Featured Customer Sound Clip

We just love it when we get sound clips that are recorded with our grooves! Here is Tony Accurso with a fusion tune in 7/8:


Do YOU want your song that you recorded using our grooves to be featured in Oddnews? Just let us know!

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Basic & Advanced Updated

July 12, 2008 Uncategorized Leave a comment

The [intlink id=”37″ type=”page”]Basic[/intlink] and [intlink id=”35″ type=”page”]Advanced[/intlink] packs are now updated with more groove variations, extra material and a few fixes. The good news for you is that the price will be the same until the end of the summer 2008. After that, there will be a price increase. So why not head on over to the [intlink id=”9″ type=”page”]Loop Shop[/intlink]?

As announced earlier, the updates are free of charge for existing customers.

We will be sending out download links shortly.

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