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FIVES Sound Clips

August 18, 2010 Sound Clips Leave a comment



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Polyrhythmic Fills: FIVES is Out!

June 21, 2010 Blog Leave a comment

The launch day of the FIVES pack has come! Now, go and get it right [intlink id=”49″ type=”page”]HERE[/intlink]!

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New Product Coming Up: FIVES

June 15, 2010 Blog Leave a comment

It’s been kinda quiet around here since we released our enormously popular [intlink id=”42″ type=”page”]Westcoast Drumming[/intlink] pack, and that is because we have been busy producing another cool product – which incidentally will be released next week!

OddGrooves FIVES PACK is all about [intlink id=”49″ type=”page”]polyrhythmic fills[/intlink] related to the number FIVE – 5 against 2, 5 against 4 and quintuplets. It’s a small pack consisting of 90 fills, arranged for the usual drum samplers (EZ/Superior Drummer, Addictive Drums, Steven Slate Drums, I-MAP and General MIDI). And to make it extra versatile, we recorded it in three different tempos (80, 100 and 120 BPM).

I want to stress that this is something that you do not see (or hear, for that matter) everywhere – these are ADVANCED DRUM FILLS.

And while this pack is very niched I believe composers, musicians and producers in many different genres will find it useful for spicing up their music. Apart from the “obvious” genres such as progressive rock and fusion, many of the fills are suitable for metal and other eclectic genres.

Sound Clips (straight 4/4 beats with fills added from the FIVES Pack):





The FIVES Pack will be released next week. In the meantime, please enjoy Magnus’ [intlink id=”225″ type=”post”]article on polyrhythms[/intlink] and video lessons.

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