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Shredder Pack Sound Clips

December 12, 2010 Sound Clips Leave a comment

Sound clips taken from the Shredder Pack:

Metal Drum Loops Demo 1 – 133 BPM

Metal Drum Loops Demo 2 – 148 BPM

Metal Drum Loops Demo 3 – 84 BPM

Metal Drum Loops Demo 4 – 120 BPM

Metal Drum Loops Demo 5 – 132 BPM

Metal Drum Loops Demo 6 – 90 BPM

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Are you a Shredder?

December 9, 2010 Blog 10 Comments

Are you a shredder?shredder

A shredder is an instrumentalist (most of the time a guitarist) who possesses superb technical skills and likes to show it. Things associated with shredders are for example Ibanez guitars, harmonic minor and diminished scales played at greased lightning speed, extensive whammy bar abuse and sweep arpeggios.

Like it or not, everybody’s got an opinion of it.

I used to be a shredder

Yes, back in my late teens to early twenties (a time when mullets, spandex pants, refrigerator-sized effects racks and hockeystick-style guitars were not entirely uncommon) I listened a lot to guitarists like Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony MacAlpine, Vinnie Moore, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and a whole bunch of other metal/fusion guitarists whose names escape me at the moment. Speed and sheer technique were what mattered most, and I could spend days trying to figure out how to play my guitar heroes’ coolest licks and techniques perfectly. I followed all the exercises in Guitar Player Magazine and bought every album released by Mike Varney Productions. I practiced day and night and soon got really fast, and I was proud of it.

I’m now 40, and only a tiny fraction of the technique that I once possessed remains in my fingers. I don’t listen to shred records anymore, and I certainly don’t pretend as if I can play it. I almost never practice and as a result my playing gets increasingly sloppy every day. Do I miss it? No. I believe I’m a better composer, arranger and overall musician today than I was 20 years ago – and that certainly makes up for my inability to play diminished scales at 200 mph. But once in a while, it’s kind of fun to dig out those CD’s and (gasp) LP’s and listen to those fast runs up and down the fingerboard.

Shredder guitarists and shredder drummers

Playing shred music is difficult, and as a shredder guitarist you are reliant on the talents of other musicians, especially a great drummer who can really roll those bass drums when needed. And those can be hard to find. Not to worry though, we got you covered in that area. Just stay tuned and we’ll have a smokin’ hot shredder drum loop pack ready for you in a couple of days. And as usual, there will also be some free stuff :-)

What are your thoughts on shredder-type guitarists? Please write a comment below!


P.S. Here are some [intlink id=”1075″ type=”post”]sound clips from the Shredder Pack[/intlink]

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FourFour 2 Sound Clips

August 18, 2010 Blog, Sound Clips Leave a comment





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FourFour Sound Clips

August 18, 2010 Sound Clips Leave a comment




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Fill Pack Sound Clips

August 18, 2010 Sound Clips Leave a comment


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Advanced Drumming Sound Clips

August 18, 2010 Sound Clips Leave a comment

Advanced Drumming Sound Clip 1

Advanced Drumming Sound Clip 2

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Crazy Drumming Sound Clips

August 18, 2010 Sound Clips Leave a comment

Crazy Drumming Sound Clip 1

Crazy Drumming Sound Clip 2

Crazy Drumming Sound Clip 3

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Polyrhythmic Fills: FIVES is Out!

June 21, 2010 Blog Leave a comment

The launch day of the FIVES pack has come! Now, go and get it right [intlink id=”49″ type=”page”]HERE[/intlink]!

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OddGrooves Rehearsal Video

December 6, 2009 Blog Leave a comment

Here is the song Fools Golden Ratio (composed by Per Ulfhielm). The time signature is 13/8!

The players are:

Magnus Brandell: Drums
Claes Andberg: Bass
Per Ulfhielm: Guitar
Sir Not-appearing-in-this-film: Keyboards

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Fill Pack Update

November 17, 2009 Uncategorized Leave a comment

Hi, Per here with a quick note about the [intlink id=”51″ type=”page”]Fill Pack[/intlink].

We have a couple of sound clips up to showcase just a tiny portion of the content in the fill pack. The finished product will contain over 900 fills in 10 time signatures, played in 4 different tempos. As usual the focus is advanced hard-to-play stuff, but there are also some rather “normal-sounding” fills in there.

[intlink id=”245″ type=”post”]The sound clips can be found here[/intlink].

The Fill Pack will ship in early December.

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