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More free drum loops

May 4, 2012 Blog 2 Comments

free-drum-loopsLast month, we gave away a “mini-pack” of free drum loops inspired by Porcupine Tree, and the response was overwhelming. It seems like musicians, producers and composers from all over the world have at least one thing in common: They like the concept of free drum loops :-) So, Magnus sat down behind his drum kit and started banging away to produce some more free loops for you. Free to download, no strings attached.

In this pack there are four individual loops, and I mean loops in a broad sense of the word because the loops are all 32 bars long. The first is inspired by various African Djembe rhythms, “glued together” into a groovy drum beat. The second is a rock tomtom groove, and then there is a halftime beat and a very funky groove. All are arranged for Toontrack, Addictive Drums, Steven Slate 4, Sonic Reality I-Map and General MIDI.

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EZplayer Pro Tutorial

June 22, 2008 Articles and Tutorials Leave a comment

From our friends at Toontrack: A tutorial for EZplayer pro with Brad Bowden of sub-ID.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Newsletter June 2008

June 7, 2008 Blog Leave a comment

Greetings music lover, this is the OddGrooves Newsletter June 2008 edition!

OddGrooves [intlink id=”39″ type=”page”]Crazy Drumming[/intlink]

It’s finally out! The long-awaited monster pack containing 1800 grooves is now available for online purchase here at the Groove Shop. The time signatures included in this pack are 3/8, 11/8, 13/8, 15/8, 17/8, 13/16, 15/16, and 19/16. All the usual ride and hihat variations, fills, jams etc are there, plus a bunch of new alternatives that will make the Crazy pack a perfect foundation for your not very danceable masterpiece.

The Crazy pack is priced at 34.95 USD but during June we have a special introductory price of 29.95 USD. So hurry up!

The Crazy pack is available in EZdrummer format only. We have omitted the General MIDI format thanks to a neat little tool called Toontrack EZplayer pro, which enables you to map your MIDI to virtually any drum sampler on the market. You should check it out in detail at Toontrack’s website.

Customer Sound Clips

Well, you heard our [intlink id=”27″ type=”page”]soundclips[/intlink] (and hopefully they convinced you that you were in desperate need of our grooves 😉 Now we want to hear YOUR tunes that you recorded using OddGrooves MIDI Libraries. It doesn’t matter if you bought the grooves or downloaded the free ones, all submissions are welcome. We will put the song up on and link to your website/Myspace etc.

So come on!

Send your contributions in mp3 format to

No pressure here :-)

Four/Four Pack

We have had LOTS of requests for more common style grooves in 4/4 by people who love Magnus Brandell’s playing but aren’t quite ready for the odd stuff. As a result, the next OddGrooves pack will be a collection of 4/4 grooves, tentatively named OddGrooves Four/Four. Naturally, we couldn’t resist adding some oddness to this pack, so it will contain the following elements:

Polyrhythms: 4/4 grooves and fills with triple, quintuple, septuple or nonuple feel.

Odd to Even: Groupings of odd meter grooves that add up to 4/4 after a couple of bars. Examples of this are 9/8+7/8, 3/8+5/8, 5/8+5/8+6/8 etc

Straight Grooves: Nothing really odd here, just well-played grooves suitable for progressive rock, fusion, classic rock and other advanced styles.

The Four/Four pack will be available later in the summer of 2008. Stay tuned for more info!

OddGrooves & Toontrack

We are happy and proud to announce that OddGrooves has been selected by Toontrack as a third party Content Provider, and that we now can be reached from the Content Providers section in EZplayer Pro and also in the long-awaited Superior 2.0. And there was much rejoicing!

Was that a champagne cork?

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