The Offbeat Pack


The idea of recording the Offbeat Pack originated when composer Andy Kotz asked Magnus to play drums on 3 house tunes that he was sending to a TV show. House music, you ask? As in… EDM? Dance music? Not the kind of music you’d associate with OddGrooves, right? And that’s absolutely correct, but the grooves also turned out to work pretty well with other genres – such regular pop, rock and… drumroll… Prog! Just listen to the first sound clip below and be convinced.


  • 120 MIDI grooves, recorded in 3 tempos, all in 4/4
  • Mappings include EZdrummer/Superior drummer, Steven Slate 4, Addictive Drums, Sonic Reality I-Map and General MIDI
  • As usual, no quantization.
  • Recorded live by Berklee educated professional drummer Magnus Brandell
  • Most are longer grooves of 8 or 16 bars, but also a couple of shorter ones
  • Song format: Verses, choruses, fills, intros, outros and more
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