Magnus Brandell Signature 4/4 Drumming


Meet Magnus Brandell, OddGrooves’ hard-working drummer. As a session drummer, Magnus is often hired to play the really difficult stuff, such as fusion, progressive rock and weird time signatures. After all, he was trained by Mike Mangini at the Berklee College of Music.

But it’s not only Magnus’ chops that sets him apart from the crowd. It’s also his sense of groove, timing and sheer musicality. His ability to push a song to the next level.

So he decided to record his own library of drum loops. Loops that include lots of ghost notes, rolls, flams and intricate hihat work. You know, the stuff you can’t program in your sequencer.

The result is the Magnus Brandell Signature 4/4 drum loop pack.

  • 216 MIDI drum loops recorded live by Berklee educated professional drummer Magnus Brandell
  • 7 tempos, all in 4/4
  • Rock, prog, funk and pop styles
  • Lots of ghost notes, buzzes, flams, rolls etc
  • Mappings include EZdrummer/Superior drummer, Steven Slate 4, Addictive Drums, Sonic Reality I-Map and General MIDI
  • Most are longer grooves of 8 or 16 bars, but also a couple of shorter ones
  • Verses, choruses, fills, intros, outros and more
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!Simply the best quality, unbelievable price and best sounding Drum Loops available anywhere! The Mange Pack is a must have in everyone’s collection.!  – Philip J. Mancini

“Guys the Mange Pack is brilliant. – Loose feel and yet solidly in the pocket! I swap out drum kids in Superior Drummer and the vibe change from Vintage to NYC session! More ghosts notes…. we love the shuffle 🙂 Love ’em” – Steven Clements

“Installed it in 2 minutes for SSD4. Stuck it straight into a new song. It just sounds right. Natural. Real. I’ll be back for more packs.” -Bob, UK.

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