Reggae Drumming


Imagine having access to the laid back grooves of the 1970′ roots reggae drummers. Imagine being able to put together a great reggae drum track within a matter of seconds. Simply preview the grooves, select the song sections you like and drag the loops into your arrangement. OddGrooves Reggae Drumming is a drum loop library inspired by artists such as Burning Spear, Peter Tosh and Bob Marley & the Wailers.

I’s all about a laid back groove.

  • 247 reggae drum loops
  • MIDI format means you can choose your own sounds
  • Mapped for Toontrack Superior/EZdrummer, Steven Slate 4, Addictive Drums, Sonic Reality I-Map and General MIDI
  • 10 different tempos
  • Song format – guaranteed to save you time
  • Recorded live by a professional session drummer
  • Not quantized
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You get 247 longer MIDI reggae drum loops recorded in 10 Tempos by professional session drummer Magnus Brandell. And just like all OddGrooves products, no stiff quantization has been applied. That’s a no-no in our world. These grooves are natural, raw-sounding and have that human feel that simply cannot be achieved with programmed beats. Use them with your favorite drum sampler and tune up the snare a bit for that almost timbale-like snare sound.

The Reggae Pack is arranged in Song Format to make life easier for producers and composers on a tight time schedule, and includes multiple variations of intros, verses, pre-choruses, choruses and outros/endings for each tempo.


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